The Footballer's Wife (Kerry Katona)

The Footballer's Wife (Kerry Katona)

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"Charly Metcalfe has a new boyfriend - Premiership footballer Joel Baldy - and a new WAG lifestyle. But when rumours start circulating about Joel's sordid nights out without her, Charly is not happy and neither is her father, ex-villain Len Metcalfe. When Joel is found murdered in his hotel suite in Manchester, all eyes are on Len. He has the motive and the dangerous temperament. But what about Charly's disgruntled ex, Scott Crompton, or his criminal brother Markie, who has a debt to settle with Len? Behind the scenes there is someone who wants Len back inside and Charly back in her council house more than anything. And that person is keeping uncharacteristically quiet. They're willing to do anything to make sure that someone else is framed for the murder; even if that person turns out to be their own flesh and blood... Rough Justice is the second novel from former pop star and tabloid favourite, Kerry Katona. Her memoir, Too Much Too Young, was a Sunday Times top ten bestseller."


Author:Kerry Katona

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