My side of the story

My side of the story

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Will Davis

My name is Jarold, but everyone calls me Jaz, which is a damn sight cooler I think you'll agree. I'm sixteen (just) and I have two remarkably undivorced parents, along with a sister and a grandmother and we all live in the same house together just like in a TV show.

I've just started my A levels too, which me and Al are planning to fail, which is our way of saying Fuck You to the British educational standard.

So what if your parents hate each other and want you to have therapy? So what if your holier-than-thou sister and her posse have decided you're going to hell? So what if the school tyrant and his goons are hunting you down, or if your best friend has just outed you to a neo-Nazi?

Jaz isn't planning to lose any sleep over it -- at least until he meets the guy of his dreams at the local gay bar. Suddenly things are a lot more complicated...

Witty, acerbic, and incredibly funny, My Side of the Story is the perfectly rendered portrait of a precocious, troubled teenager faced with the awkward process of growing up and coming out.