Mind The Gap!

Mind The Gap!

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Graeme Codrington
Sue Grant-Marshall

This book is for you if you want to know why your 18-year-old son isn't interested in being a doctor-he wants to save the whales, or why your grandfather gives you Big Band CDs for your birthday. This book is also for you if your secretary knows more than you do or your grandson calls you Peter instead of granddad. In short, this book aims to promote understanding between the generations. This is vitally important in our most defining relationships-those between parents and children. We are so influenced by our parents that understanding them will help us to understand why they influence us-and, therefore, help us to better understand ourselves.

What can be learned from this book can be extended to all other relationships-with bosses, teachers, grandparents and so on. Once you understand their 'generational' behaviour, you'll have a clearer picture of why they are like they are.

So, chuck the tranquillisers and read this book. Life will never be the same again!