LifeGames Corporation

LifeGames Corporation

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Michael Smorenburg

Catherine’s Ad & P.R. agency has won a dream contract; to service LifeGames Corporation.
She’s hired countless new staff and invested everything she has to meet the rigorous demands. Revenue beyond her wildest dreams has poured in. Everything has been great... until the real cost of doing business is spelled out.
Her dream is about to become a nightmare.

Former hedge-fund playboy with a dirty past, Kenneth Torrington, has built LifeGames Corporation into a power-broking megalith, the likes of which the world has never seen. Whatever the career path; from politics to military, executive management to the courts; climbing the ladder of power requires a LifeGames certificate of competence—an intensive aptitude and stress test administered by LifeGames’ A.I. run hypnosis and Virtual Reality simulation technology.
This has put the world’s leaders firmly within the LifeGames’ and Ken’s debt and grasp.

A malignant narcissist, Ken, is a predator in every sphere. When he makes his move on Catherine, he runs headlong into her declaration that she is gay, and so, off-limits. But Ken is not a man easily defeated.