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E Schuitema

The key variable that accounts for the success of any Organisation is the degree to which it’s members commit to the objectives of the Organisation, pursue them because they want to rather than because they have to and are willing to commit discretionary effort toward their achievement. This book explores what sort of leadership creates these conditions, that not only focuses on personal excellence, but also on mobilising others.

This book looks at the traditional trade-off between the boss who supplies the wages and the workers who supply the labour, and explains how destructive and unproductive this is. There is a need to move beyond this towards a view of leadership that empowers all subordinates and encourages an unconditional commitment to excellence. Leadership is not a case of looking after the interest of the shareholders. It is a case of empowering and growing subordinates, the interest of the shareholders will flourish accordingly.

Developed from the authors ground-breaking work dealing with conflict resolution and insights from his basic research ‘The Care and Growth’ Leadership Model has now become a successful system tested and applied in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, IT, hospitality, financial services and agriculture, in a total of 15 countries, over 4 continents.