Great Good Food

Great Good Food

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Julee Rosso

Julee Rosso, the co-author of the phenomenally successful The Silver Palate Cookbook, The Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook, and The New Basics, now brings us Great Good Food, the cookbook for the nineties. Great Good Food addresses today's number one food-health concern -- fat -- in a collection of delicious new recipes that don't sacrifice pleasure for nutrition. While Rosso has lowered the fat, she hasn't forgotten that taste is still the driving factor when we make food choices.

In her previous books Julee Rosso's lively original style has helped define home cooking for over a decade. Here, in more than eight hundred delectable recipes, she applies that style to our contemporary palates, which demand flavor along with fitness. Here, in menus designed to be used every day, are dishes built on the grains, beans, and rices that are the foundation of a smart diet; the herbs and fabulous vegetables that now spring up in our gardens and supermarkets; the fresh fish, lean game, and delicate poultry that are being raised for today's table.

Great Good Food is indispensable for the smart cook. Rosso delivers the sizzle without straining the skills of the average home cook. Away from the kitchen, it also is a treasure trove of nutritional information, gardening and shopping tips, seasonal and international menus, food history and lore, and charming ideas for dressing up the house and catering to your guests.

Lower-Fat Cooking for Five Seasons

Spring Fever
-- Summer, the Season of Plenty
-- Autumn Leaves

Home for the Holidays
-- Winter Wonders

Menus for Celebrating Everything

Shooting-Star Night
-- Mother's Day Tea
-- Black-Tie New Year's Eve

Big-Plate Buffet
-- Halloween Hayride
-- Too Hot to Cook
-- Out on the Beach

Company's Coming
-- White Christmas Eve

International Feasts

Red-Hot Mexico
-- A Moroccan Oasis
-- Spanish Sunshine

Meet Us at the Trattoria
-- The Best of Bistro
-- On a Greek Island

The New Pantry

The Yogurt Culture
-- All About Oils
-- Salsas
-- Marinades
-- Vibrant Vinegars

The Pepper Patch
-- The Herb Garden
-- Great Garlic
-- A Grain of Truth

Use Your Noodle
-- Green Greener Greenest Salads

The New Classics

Magic Mousses
-- Great Good Pestos
-- Salad Spritzes, Splashes, and Sprays

Sunset Sips and Dips
-- Pizza Toss-Up
-- Sweet Nothings
-- Flavored Oils

Nutrition Update

Calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat analysis for every recipe "Good for You" tips
-- All about fat
-- How to monitor your indulgences