Death By Carbs

Death By Carbs

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Paige Nick

It's not a whodunit, it's a who-donut.

When someone kills diet guru Professor Tim Noakes, Detective Bennie September has more suspects than solutions.

There's the widow. With the Prof gone, she can sell her 'Noakes-Endorsed' Meal Plans without anyone raising an eyebrow.
Or was it the ex-publisher? Turning down Noakes's bestseller killed his career, so maybe he was returning the favour.
What about one of Noakes's jealous co-authors?
The CEO of SnackCorp has also been acting strangely - there's never been a worse time to head up a confectionery company.
And are all the fans really as loyal as they seem? Everyone knows how angry hungry people can get.
Plus the internet is full of trolls and haters, but would any of them have the guts to come out from behind their screens?

As the suspects' lives intertwine, and their motives become clearer, Detective September has his work cut out for him. He might just be able to figure out whodunit, if he can keep his hands off the next donut.

More twists and turns than a koeksister, this laugh-out-loud novel will have you spurting bulletproof coffee out your nose.