Call It Like It Is

Call It Like It Is

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Mike Behr

The world of the international rugby referee has always been a closely guarded secret … until now.

As a Durban schoolboy, Jonathan watched rugby at Kings Park every Saturday, dreaming of the day he would represent his country. Now, three decades later and at the age of 47, he refl ects on the career highs and lows that saw him retire as the most capped international and Super Rugby referee of all time.

But records and milestones are just a part of an intriguing – and often controversial – memoir that lifts the lid on what really goes on in the world of international refereeing … and behind that enigmatic, penetrating glare that is as typical of Jonathan Kaplan as his silver-grey patch of hair.

Containing all the guts and glory you’d expect from an epic rugby tale, this is also the frank and forthright account of a man who, both in life and on the pitch, would only ever call it like it is.

A must-read for rugby fans all over the world.