White Man's Numbers

White Man's Numbers

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Sunil Shah

Ravi, a young ambitious Indian financial analyst, is sent to South Africa by Pluto Asset Management (PAM), an emerging force in fund management in London. He relocates with his boss; Christopher is a legend not because he can distance his emotions from the market, but because he has no emotions to distance. PAM also sends Margaret, a walking femme-fatale, and Jacob, a black graduate (whose father is connected to the SA government) to spearhead the office. In South Africa Ravi has an investor’s Midas touch; he discovers companies with grossly undervalued properties, dot.com potential ten-baggers, e-wallets that will transform banking and he rides their ascent. Even better, he finds himself blissfully in love. But all is not as it seems. Treachery, corruption and insider trading lurk behind the shiny corporate façade, where fortunes are made not only by stock picking, but on the nod of a crooked politician, or the fantasies of a serial-optimist CEO.

Soon Ravi finds himself not only fighting for his job, but for his life.

“Sunil shares inside knowledge of the money game by morphing his story into an imaginative fictional thriller. Very much in Geraint Anderson’s Cityboy tradition. Sunil deserves the same plaudits. And with this book, is sure to receive them.” – Alec Hogg, Founder and CEO of Moneyweb, South Africa’s premier financial and business website.

Sunil Shah was born in Nairobi, to Indian parents and went to Saint Mary’s School (Irish Catholic). After graduating from London School of Economics (with a distinction in Economics) he worked as Chartered Accountant at KPMG London before joining Schroders Investment Bank in London as an Equities Analyst, initially on their US desk and then later on Emerging Markets to optimise on Sunil’s multi-cultural background (he can speak Swahili, Gujarati and French). Joined Coronation South Africa in 1998, running the Smaller Companies Fund which had the best 5-year record in the sector during his tenure. Later appointed as Strategist along with managing the fund. White Man’s Numbers was started almost seven years ago, when Sunil left Coronation to pursue his passion for writing.

Every character and event in this novel is a fictionalised version of real events Sunil encountered.