The Year Of Facing Fire

The Year Of Facing Fire

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Helena Kriel

In this world-class memoir, award-winning writer Helena Kriel is commissioned to write the screenplay for what will later become the hit movie Kama Sutra based on the ancient Indian manuscript on sex and love.

In the year she travels to India to do her research, back home in South Africa her beloved brother Evan is diagnosed with AIDS. Little does she know that everything she seeks to learn about love will be revealed in the battle to keep Evan alive.

The Year of Facing Fire is a brilliantly penned memoir about a dynamic South African family: Maja, the combative but inspired mother; Lexi, the sister who has been living in an Indian temple; Ross, the brother who dives with sharks but is kept in the dark about his older brother’s condition. And at the centre is beautiful Evan, terminally ill and magically insightful, as death comes ever closer. The narrator craves facts and certainty, but death has a way of destroying all illusion of control