Taming A Fortune

Taming A Fortune

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Judy Duarte
Nancy Robards Thompson
Allison Leigh

A House Full of Fortunes! By Judy Duarte

Toby Fortune Jones has been a single dad for long enough, now it’s time to get back in the dating pool…and he has his eye on Angie Edwards, the Queen of First Dates. Toby knows he can win Angie, if she’ll let him…

Falling for Fortune by Nancy Robards Thompson

Christopher Fortune Jones has made a new life for himself; now, he’s rich, powerful and successful. Kinsley Aaron knows she should stay away from her sexy new boss but she’s intrigued by this man with no past and she’s determined to uncover his secrets!

Fortune’s Prince by Allison Leigh

Amelia Fortune Chesterfield arrived in town eager to uncover her past, but will she find her future? Rugged cowboy Quinn Drummond charms the new Fortune into his bed, adamant that they’ll spend more than one night together. But if she flees, how can Quinn win her heart?