Me Cheeta

Me Cheeta

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In 1984, Johnny Weissmuller, Hollywood's greatest Tarzan, passed away. His coffin was lowered into the ground to the recorded sounds of his famous jungle call. Maureen O'Sullivan, his Jane, followed him in 1998. But their co-star Cheeta the chimpanzee, the 'World's Funniest Animal', lives on. At seventy-six, he is by some distance the oldest chimp ever recorded.

Now, in his own words, Cheeta finally tells his extraordinary story.

Plucked from millions of hopefuls in the jungles of Liberia, Cheeta became an international screen icon from the moment of his debut in 1934's Tarzan and His Mate. He went on to star in a further nine Tarzan pictures, and later in Doctor Dolittle with the appalling Rex Harrison, before his battles with substance abuse forced him into early retirement. He now lives happily in Palm Springs where he has re-invented himself as a globally acclaimed abstract painter.

We are privileged indeed that such a legendary entertainer should grant us intimate access to the lives of the most glittering stars. Well aware that no animal has ever been successfully sued for libel, Me Cheeta is packed with fascinating revelations about a lost Hollywood. Funny, moving and searingly honest, this is the greatest celebrity autobiography of our time.