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Thom Lemmons

You know the prayer…Now you can know the story.

His prayer for God’s blessing is changing the lives of millions of people thousands of years after he prayed it. Now meet Jabez the man–and experience...

• his love for a mother whose bitter tears he could never forget

• his longing for relief from the pain that marked his past and present–and that seemed destined to engulf his future

• his life of struggle with a broken family among a dispirited people who had forgotten their God

• his struggle to find faith, then his courage in clinging to it

• his journey toward God’s surprising answers to his bold prayer for blessing and expanded borders.

Follow this compelling story of two pain-stricken people–a young man and his mother–in one of the Bible’s most turbulent eras. Experience the many-sided paradox of blessing versus struggle, and one man’s relentless, unshakable pursuit of God’s hand upon his life