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Helen Brain

Sixteen year old Ebba has never been outside the bunker deep inside Table Mountain where she and 2000 other young adults are working as slaves.

In a sudden twist of fate, she is elevated to join the elite living on the surface in a post apocalyptic world. She's inherited Greenhaven, the last arable farm in the world. Food is the most prized commodity, and she's now the wealthiest person alive.

Was she elevated because of the mysterious birthmark on her hand or because of the amulet necklace she was wearing as a newborn when she was hidden in the bunker? The High Priest and his good looking son Hal are especially keen to keep her close to them, but can she trust them? And how can she rescue her three closest friends from the bunker and bring them to the safety of Greenhaven?

When Ebba learns she is the last remaining descendant of Theia, the Earth Goddess, she discovers she has a sacred task - to find three lost amulets so the Earth Goddess can return and save the world from a second and final calamity.